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CDnavigator is an application that files your CD, DVD in a database. It also deposits information about photos (JPG), music (MP3) and films saved in media. You can also store another metadata as notes, rating, etc. to this data. You can search over all items and save the choises. CDnavigator supports an automatic cache that saves the most used data on harddisk.

Photos can be viewed directly in application. You download new photos from a camera, sort to the albums and prepare for roasting on CD.

You overplay music directly in CDnavigator application too. You can use set-up of genre and rating of songs at music choise.


1.1.2009 Project CDnavigator was stoped due to lack of funds. We apologize to all users.

4.8.2008 CDnavigator-0.7.2 - Java 1.6 required, Better CD scanning, And other improvements and bugfixes.

7.1.2008 CDnavigator-0.7.1 - Searching optimalization, Simple HTML browser for documentation, CD number is not required, Displayed photos synchronized with GUI, Repairing missing photos EXIF headers, And other improvements and bugfixes.

29.11.2007 CDnavigator-0.7.0 - Roasting CD and DVD, Live distributions, Improving of view photos, More configuration, And many other improvements and bugfixes.

23.10.2007 CDnavigator-0.6.9 - Improved GUI, DBManager, Installer. Better work with photos and camera. Better scanning CDs - OGG support. Bug fixes.

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